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Importance of Financial Planning

Recent survey showed that many people in Singapore are under-insured and do not have enough for their retirement. If this is the case, why is it that people choose to do nothing and do not enhance their existing coverage or enhance their wealth for retirement? Do you also fall under this category too? What is stopping you from enhancing your portfolio?

Is it that you find it too expensive to buy another policy now because of your current age? Do you find that financial planning is too comprehensive and technical for you to understand? Or you do not trust the financial planner as they are too aggressive and just interested to close the sale and earn the commission out of you?

That is my purpose of creating this website – to help you manage your wealth in terms of wealth protection, wealth accumulation and wealth distribution,  to give you a good understanding of what financial planning is about and how you can plan your personal finance to get sufficient coverage for yourself should any unforeseen circumstances happen. Most importantly, to have your retirement plan in place so that you can have a comfortable retirement.

If you are married with children, I will also discuss topics such as planning for your children’s tertiary education and their life insurance.

What is the opportunity cost if you do not take any action now? What is the implication on you and your family without proper financial planning?

Check this website regularly to keep yourself updated with the latest posts.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” by Benjamin Franklin

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