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4 shifts in Singapore’s approach to healthcare

Source: Channel Newsasia 10 Feb 2015

Source: Channel Newsasia 10 Feb 2015

Singapore’s three-pronged approaches in having a good healthcare system are: РFirstly is to focus on public health such as investing in basic sanitation, compulsory vaccination and mass education. Secondly, a system that allows one to pay for his medical treatment via his insurance coverage Thirdly, to balance in healthcare financing between individuals, insurance and government, with official grants augment by mandatory savings in the form of Medisave, MediShield and Medifund. With MediShield Life being a more encompassing scheme and insurance premiums will go higher, the government is subsidising the insurance premium to keep them affordable, particularly for the lower-income households. Sustaining a good healthcare is an on-going challenge due to progression in medical science, ageing population and the increase in diseases.

In these aspect, Singapore has made four shifts to its healthcare approach.

  1. Provide an all-inclusive support through the Community Health Assist Scheme to subsidies outpatient treatment for lower or middle-class Singaporeans at private GPs.
  2. MediShield Life to replace MediShield to better manage high medical bills.
  3. Give people better, less-costly healthcare in their vicinity by building community hospitals and improving access to polyclinics and GPs.
  4. Campaigns to promote healthier food choices and Active Ageing such as cycling connectors to encourage Singaporeans to be more health-conscious

Do you already have an existing comprehensive medical insurance in place with the private insurers or do you prefer to get yourself protected with MediShield Life? When it comes to big medical bills, do you have enough savings to pay for it if you are under the MediShield Life Scheme? How about your health? Do you exercise regularly to keep yourself fit and healthy?

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