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Payout from life insurers drops to S$6.79b despite rise in claims

Source: TODAY Online, 7 Feb 2015

Source: TODAY Online, 7 Feb 2015

The life insurance industry paid out to policyholders and beneficiaries has fell to S$6.79 billion in 2014 which is attributed to a drop in the paid out amount for matured policies. The rise in pay out for death, critical illness or disability claims however rose by 13% from 2013. On the whole, weighted new business remained the same as per last year while annual premium sales fell to 1.928 billion compared to 2013. The Life Insurance Association Singapore (LIA) said that the re-pricing exercise of Integrated Shield Plans (IPs) has seen a rise in premiums. In 2013, single premium sales increased to S$860.8 million and in 2014, the amount of new health insurance premiums fell by 42% to S$266 million from 2013. IPs and IP riders account for 92% of new health insurance premiums. LIA said that one in two individuals in Singapore has health cover, with premiums amounting to S$1.6 billion as of December in 2014. With the establishment of MediShield Life in end-2015, LIA would continue to collaborate with the Government and IP insurers to raise better public awareness and education on health insurance and on how MediShield Life and IP work.

What do all these figures mean to you? By looking at the increased in pay outs for death, critical illness or disability claims and the increase in new health insurance premiums, this shows that these areas are a concern of the people here. How about yourself? Are you covered too and is your coverage sufficient?

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