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Hawker food prices up by 10-20%

Source: TODAY, 21 Oct 2014

Source: TODAY, 21 Oct 2014

According to a survey of 503 hawker stalls by Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), common hawker food prices have been seen increasing by 10 to 20 per cent from 2012. Hawkers associate the increased to higher rental, ingredients and wages. However, CASE, noted that prices are still affordable for the average consumers, with some hawker food stalls selling below the mode price – about half of the surveyed chicken rice and mixed-vegetables rice stalls are doing so. A chicken rice-porridge hawker mentioned that rise in her price of chicken rice is unavoidable due to higher wages per hour, from S$5 to S$8 per hour, and rental that rise up to S$8000 per month. There are also hawkers who insist in maintaining their food prices in order to retain their accustomed customers. A student said that he has seen rising food cost but serving portion decreasing too. Rising food prices will also make savings more difficult.

The rising hawker food cost will definitely prick most of us. If hawker food prices continue to rise, will you decide to pay a little more for café food in the future? Will you be willing to top up a little more to dine with better ambience or to have your meal in a humid hawker centre? Or will you cook at home so that you can cut down on your food expenses?

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