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Breast and Prostate Cancers Rising Sharply in Singapore


Source: The Straits Times, 21 June 2017

There are more and more women and men getting cancer in Singapore, especially breast cancer for women rising more than double while prostate cancer for men rising more than five times.  However, with the advancement of medical technology, those cancer patients with early stage cancer have a higher chance of survival.

The top 5 cancers for men are prostate, lung, colo-rectum, liver and blood cancers, while the top 5 cancers for women are breast, colo-rectum, lung, uterus and ovarian cancers.

Therefore it is very important for us to go for regular medical checkup and ensure sufficient cancer coverage to give us a peace of mind should it happens. It is also important to ensure that our existing cancer coverage covers early stage cancer as well, so that we can use the claim to tide us over the difficulty period should we are not working for a period of time to go for various follow up treatments for the cancer.

How about you? Do you go for regular medical checkup with sufficient cancer coverage to have a peace of mind?


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Prostate Cancer: Third-most-common cancer among men in S’pore

Source: TODAY  16 Feb 2015

Source: TODAY 16 Feb 2015

Prostate cancer is the third most common type of cancer diagnosed in Singaporean men after colorectal and lung cancer. The cancer forms in tissues of the prostate, which is a gland in the male reproductive system below the bladder which surrounds part of the urethra. Prostate cancer generally affects men who are above 50 and is mostly diagnosed in men above 70. The degree of seriousness of this disease is determined by the state of health, degree of the disease and response to the therapy.

Do you always go for full body annual medical check up? What happens if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer? Do you have a critical illness plan in place should you are diagnosed with cancer? What will happen do your daily expenses should you can’t work for a period of time during treatment?

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