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Do You Have a Comprehensive Personal Accidental and Hospitalization Plan?


Source: The New Paper, 28 July 2016

Source: The New Paper, 28 July 2016

This is a very sad incident of an accident where a motorist was knocked down by a falling tree and now he remains unconscious for over a week.

The motorist is a 23 years old Malaysian who rides into Singapore to work to earn a living to feed his family especially for his wife who is also 23 years old and his 2 years old daughter.

He has severe injuries to his head, jaw, eyes and throat. Doctors told his family that the best case scenario after he awakes is that he will become paraplegic and blind in one eye.

His company’s insurance coverage will cover up to $25,000 of his medical fees. His company intends to give his family a lump sum of cash and his colleagues also helps to raise several thousands.

Do you think this sum of money is enough to pay for his medical fees in Singapore? Is it enough to finance his daily expenses and future treatment in Malaysia?

What if the biker has bought a comprehensive accidental insurance and hospitalization insurance in Malaysia or in Singapore? Will his family has a peace of mind? Do they need to worry about money for the future?

How about you? Do you have a comprehensive accidental insurance and hospitalization insurance? I have spoken to many who said “no need to buy as nothing bad will happens”, “no need to buy as everything covers by the company”. Ironically, personal accidental insurance payout and hospitalization insurance payout are the highest claims among the insurance companies in Singapore. 

Should one day something bad happen, do you want your family to worried about your recovery on top of the rising medical cost with everyday staying in the hospital? Ultimately, the choice is yours whether do you want to have the peace of mind for your family now.




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