The Importance of Retirement Planning. Have You Plan Yours?

The Future of Retirement 2015 Report by HSBC

The Future of Retirement 2015 Report by HSBC

In the recent report “The Future of Retirement 2015” by HSBC, it was found that many people in Singapore did not plan for their retirement. 61% of the retirees are concerned about running out of money in retirement. About 41% regretted not savings more, 35% wished they had started earlier to improve their standard of living and 19% said that their living standards are worse than before they retired.

The facts and figures speak for themselves. Do you want to be like them ended up regretting not planning for retirement earlier? Do it now and don’t delay anymore. Let the old aged you thank you for the decision you make today. 

It is Your Life, If You Don’t Plan for Yourself, Who Will Do the Planning for You?

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